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Statement of Capabilities

These are just some of the areas where Discovery Training Pty Ltd may be able to assist your organisation:

  • Auditing of Safety Systems in line with AS:4801.
  • Development of Safety Management Plans.
  • Conducting Independent Accident and Incident Investigations.
  • Auditing of Safety and Training Records and Procedures.
  • Conducting Skills Audits of your workforce.
  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis's to assist you in determining your TRAINING NEEDS as opposed to your workers TRAINING WANTS.
  • Auditing of Machinery against current Operator Manuals.
  • Conducting Face to Face Training on Safety, Operational and Human Resources Topics.
  • Conducting Independent Workplace Assessments of Operators.
  • Conducting Risk Assessments to identify ways to eliminate or reduce the risks involved in the operation of your business.
  • Development of Training Packages associated with existing Safe Work Procedures (SWP’s), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Task Descriptions (TD’s), Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) etc.
  • Development of various Work Procedures, as listed above, by utilising the knowledge of local content experts.
  • Development of Induction and Orientation Manuals and Packages.
  • Development of Operator and Operations Manuals.
  • Updating of Procedures and Manuals to reflect current practice.
  • Facilitation and Training of Work Groups to enable them to continually develop and maintain the Procedures that are in place.
  • Project Co-ordination.
  • Review of existing Training Packages and Procedures to align them with current requirements and Regulations.
  • Setting up of Systems for the development and maintenance of Safety and Training related resources.
  • Relief Supervisory Coverage as an ERZ Controller in Underground Coal Mines.
  • Specialised Underground Mining Machinery Training and Assessment.

We are happy to discuss any requirement that your organisation may have, with a view to Discovery Training Pty Ltd providing an appropriate and equitable solution to your Safety and Training needs.

I am confident that we can work together to develop a Safer and More Productive Workplace within your organisation.

We can help you to identify your TRAINING NEEDS as opposed to your employees TRAINING WANTS.

Discovery Training Pty. Ltd. can assist you in creating a SAFER and MORE PRODUCTIVE workplace.

Discovery Training is proud to be a member of the HunterNet Co-operative.